Candy Crush saga UPDATED 2014

Candy crush hack

Updated to 2014 version! This " candy crush cheats " gives you extra 50 moves whenever you need it and if that 50 moves is not enough you can just click the “set moves to 50″ again so eventually it gives you 100 moves and so on. I know you are also irritated with the candy bombs but this candy crush saga hack can stop or freeze those bombs till the game ends. We also have a 300,000 points hack so that when you are in a level that is “timed level” all you need to do is click the “set score to 300k” botton to finish the level. For high levels you will experience “collect all orders” level but this tool now have a collect all orders hack with just a click of a button all orders will be completed same with “bring down all ingredient”. My favorite hack is free lives and free booster.


How to Use Our Cheats:
First attach to the game processor.
Then Enable the Cheats.
Detailed Tutorial of Candy Crush Saga Cheats:
If using chrome do this.
Open the game, then crash the processor (Toolbox -> Tools -> Task Manager)
Refresh the page, and attach by writing chrome.exe
If using Other Browser, lookup with task manager and see the browser processor.
Then enable the cheats
Or watch the updated video below for best understanding on How To Use Candy Crush Saga Hack
"Candy Crush Saga Cheat" Features:
Extra 50 moves(but you can use it again and again)
Stop or Freeze Bombs
Set Score to 300k
Bring down all ingredients Cheat
Collect all orders Cheat

Candy Crush Saga Hacking Tool